ACM2605 Ethan's First Time

Duration: 14:44 Views: 159 Submitted: 1 week ago
Description: This is one we've all been waiting for, and... well... we're sorry for making you wait! We just knew it'd be worth it, and knew it was the perfect pairing to help get your summer started - it's Ethan in his first guy/guy action, and he's railing Zander! And most definitely, railing Zander is precisely what Ethan does here. We knew, with how expressive and seductive and downright sexy he was in his introductory solo, Ethan would be a total champ in some guy/guy action if we just managed to get him to try it. Luckily for all of us, not only was Ethan willing to give it a go but Zander was there to break him in! I don't think Ethan needed to be broken in though, to be quite honest - this stud is a natural when it comes to getting off and having fun while doing it. Though this is his first time, once he got that hard cock buried in Zander's hole Ethan's instincts took over and there was no stopping him from drilling away before blasting off a load!
Models: Ethan Zander