ACM2594 Mitch Craves Zander

Duration: 20:00 Views: 257 Submitted: 1 week ago
Description: Mitch and Zander each perfectly represent two common types of CF stud - Zander is the one new to guy/guy action, discovering the pleasures of it before our eyes and really blooming once here; Mitch is the eager, enthusiastic, sexually adventurous guy who knows what he likes, knows what he wants, and knows what feels good. They make for the perfect pairing, really - Zander's out to discover new pleasures and new experiences, and Mitch is the kind of stud who can show him all of that! Mitch first shows it to Zander by masterfully working over his cock and rimming his hole. He also does it by presenting his ass to Zander, letting Zander drill it, and taking everything Zander can give like a champ. What Mitch really shows Zander here though is a non-stop, intense, and passionate session - the kind you only get when both guys are incredibly in to one another, incredibly sexual, and really making one another feel good. They feed off each other's enthusiasm and energy, and pound away until Zander's blasted a massive load all over Mitch!
Models: Mitch Zander