Dominic Jerkin' for You

Duration: 15:11 Views: 819 Submitted: 5 months ago
Description: I take out an inhuman-sized dildo and give it a little lick, slap it down on the bench and climb on. It takes a bit of effort, even though I am totally horned up, to stretch my ass to take its fist-sized girth. But it's worth it. My cock stays stiff as the dildo slowly slides up into my big muscle butt. Once I get it halfway inside, I pull it out and see my open hole, juicy and hungry for more. Time to take out the fuck machine and mount the dildo on. It starts ramming in now -- I'm totally ready to take whatever that mechanical monster can dish out. When it speeds up I have to brace my hands on the bench to keep from getting my ass knocked right off. My pucker is all stretched out, now I better finish this off. I milk a giant squirt of cum onto the big fucker that just impaled me, and silently thank you all for getting off with me.